The Journey Begins…

This Website marks a turning point in my participation in the Society for Creative Anachronism. For the longest time, I’ve been content to attend events, try a few things, even try a few new things. But time constraints and Mundane obligations kept my participation desultory and at a kind of a low level enjoyment.

About two years ago, that changed. I found myself wanting to try to branch out and improve my skills, whether through learning how to compose music within the parameters of medieval and Renaissance composition, try writing poetry to the forms and structures of early stanzas, dive into theatrical performances, pick up a rapier, study Renaissance Germany, practice spinning fiber, and delving into the world of knitting really, really thin yarn on really, really skinny needles.

Actually, there’s not much that I won’t try out just once to see if it’s something I want to keep doing. On the other hand, I’m a writer, and frankly everything is research and fodder for future ideas.

I’m at the point where I want to start documenting and cataloguing, and making the information that I find available to others. Many gentlefolk in the SCA have made their studies and knowledge public, and I wish to try to offer the same. I don’t expect that I will update this on a specific schedule, but I will do my best to keep a record of what I’m up to in the SCA.

My plan is to use this blog to work through various projects, whether it be posting about making a pouch, trying the pre-literate stockings Chris Laning posted on Ravelry, making a fencing doublet, or adding articles to the annotated bibliographies. I’ll do my best to catalogue each post under its particular page, as well as tag each post with a particular category for easy searching.

I welcome comments, suggestions, feedback, etc., and if you would like to connect with me, you can shoot  me a note through the contact page. Welcome!

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.  — Albert Einstein


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