Leadership theory is a subject that fascinates me. What makes a good leader? How do you develop leaders? How can you foster an organizational culture of enabling effective leadership and minimizing toxic leadership? The military spent a good amount of time and money training me to think about this, and it has carried over to my fun hobby.

To be honest, I’m not really sure what I will do with this information. But, I figured that if you do enough research, a project will eventually present itself. What I plan to start with is a series of analyses of pre-17th-century leadership tracts. My goal is to examine them in their contemporary context: Who was writing? For whom did they write? How did the contemporary audience receive this advice (if we know?) I would also like to examine each document in a more modern context, and ask: How can we as a Society use this advice?

Eventually, I would like to start interviewing and writing about leadership topics that arise in our Current Middle Ages and develop methods to foster and grow more effective leadership culture. Because there are always ways to get better at what we do!

*I will list resources as I find them. As I write analyses, I will link to those posts on this page. For sake of sanity, I will use APA style and list alphabetically. If you have any suggestions, get in touch!