Persona Research

Originally, when contemplating what time period and geographic region I would like to study in the SCA and create a persona around, I couldn’t pick one. Later, I realized that part of my enjoyment in the SCA is learning about some personal history. My grandfather’s family is from Germany (and apparently used to brew the worst-rated Kolsch in the country). I can muddle through the language. They also have awesome hats. I was hooked.

This page is a work in progress. My goals (in no particular order) with my persona research are to:

  • Create an annotated bibliography of research materials related to understanding Teresa of Attilium, a married, middle-class German woman living in the latter half of the sixteenth century.
  • Create articles of garb and kit that my persona would use, particularly in my focus areas of Bardic and Fiber Arts, Leadership, and Rapier.
  • Use my knowledge to create classes on the German persona.
  • Write a series of historical fantasy fiction based on my persona research. (I’m a writer, there’s no way I’m going to let all this research not show up in a book.)


Coming Soon!