About Me

The journey began more than 20 years ago…

I was a freshman at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. A very homesick-for-NJ freshman trying to find a place to fit in. One day, a friend invited a mutual acquaintance to a medieval event. It sounded fun, so I did a very non-introvert thing and invited myself along. Since then, I have spent time in the Society for Creative Anachronism, playing in groups all over the country. My activity level has varied, mostly due to spending 15 years and counting in the military. Still, the great thing about the SCA is that wherever Uncle Sam sends you, you’ll find a group of people waiting to welcome you in. This resume is where I am at this moment. I am, however, a work in progress.

A small knitted pouch I created to show appreciation to a youth member who volunteered service at an event.

SCA Resume


Bard of the Oaks, Barony of Darkwood, Dec 2019-present
Minister of Arts & Sciences, Barony of Windmasters Hill, Jan-Mar 2018*

Awards & Recognition
  • Baron’s & Baroness’ Toil of Esteem, Barony of Darkwood, 2018
  • Award of Arms, Kingdom of Atlantia, 2018
  • Appointed Ambassador to the West Kingdom, Kingdom of Atlantia, 2018
  • Order of the Boreas, Barony of Windmasters Hill, 2018
Classes & Responsibilities
  • Beyond the Blog: New Ways to Publish Your Work, University of Atlantia–Session 106, 2021
  • Intro to Knitting, Barony of Tarnmist Mini-Collegium, 2019
  • Intro to Drop Spinning, College of St. David A&S Night, 2019
  • Director, Twelfth Night (Commedia dell’arte style), with i Firenzi, Performed at Ymir, 2018
  • Performing Arts Coordinator, Coronation of Dietrich II and Una I, Kingdom of Atlantia, 2018
  • “Leadership Challenges & Solutions”: An introduction to leadership theory and scenario-based discussion for leaders in the SCA. Atlantian University 98, 2018
  • “Tackling the Bard”: Introduction to Shakespeare’s text for actors. Atlantian University 97, 2017
  • Intro to Knitting, Canton of Attilium A&S Night, 2017
  • Voices of Attilium. (Co-founder; Currently on hiatus.) A choral group that gives its members a chance to explore music in the pre-Baroque era by learning and performing pre-17th-century music, SCA Bardic tunes, and collaborating on original pieces based on early music composition structure.

*Almost immediately after volunteering to serve, my active duty military spouse came down on orders. I ensured continuity by identifying a successor, receiving Baronial approval, and providing her with the information and resources needed to take on the position.